5 Tips For New Travel Photographers & Video Makers

Over the past few years of traveling, photography and filmmaking - I've learned a few things that have helped me tremendously. This article is geared towards those who are beginning their journey into travel photography and videography. 

  1. Lightroom pre-sets & LUTS for color correction 
  2. Organize, organize, organize - you don't want to lose footage or photos. Green and red pockets, double check. 
  3. Use 2 hard drives AND upload to a server when you can. Dropbox unlimited and Google Drive 
  4. Figure out what your go-to lens is. For me - it's my Sigma 35mm. There is no need to bring every lens in your kit. 
  5. Trim down your selects every night if you can! That way it doesn't pile up. 


Why do we make our lives so complicated. 

Get rid of stuff you don't need. Haven't worn it? Get rid of it. Donate it, give it away. 

Get off social media and create. If you spend 1 hour a day surfing Facebook and Instagram, that's one hour that you could be working on your passion project. 

Start a morning routine and stick with it, whether it's 5 minutes or 60.